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Scholarship Information

UNICO Memphis Scholarship

Scholarship application due by May 21, 2022

The Memphis Chapter of UNICO accepts applications from graduating High School Seniors that are American Citizens of Italian descent.  The Scholarship Director is Alicia Bisio Mckenzie and her email address is alimck@aol.com .  We suggest you download our local scholarship form, fill it out and then save it on your computer, and then Email it to Alicia.  Once you do this most of the data can be copied on the UNICO National scholarship forms mentioned below that must be filled out online.  Most of the information is the same.  We encourage you to apply in both places.

Download form by clicking Memphis Scholarship Application 2020

UNICO National Scholarships

Italian-American students need to take advantage of the scholarships that are offered by UNICO National.   All applications must be completed online now.  Applications must be sponsored by a UNICO Chapter.  Alicia McKenzie is the Memphis coordinator, so if you are selecting the Memphis Chapter as your sponsor please use her name.  You must visit the UNICO National site to complete the application at https://www.unico.org/scholarships 


For more information on UNICO National Scholarships, please contact the UNICO National Scholarship Director, Joan Tidona at jntidona@unico.org.  

To find a local Chapter, please visit https://www.unico.org/find-a-chapter or contact UNICO National at 973.808.0035.